Know About Monitoring

Indian Plumbing Skills Council has established its own Monitoring Cell which ensures the authenticity of candidates, both virtually and physically. The cell is working the last one and a half years. The motive behind establishing a dedicated monitoring cell was to curb the unethical practices carried out by candidates and training partners and to ensure the genuineness of the candidates.


  • Physical Monitoring
    • WMPSC carries out regular in-person Inspection at the Training Centres during RPL, STT and ToT/ToA programs.
    • It is ensured that the candidates attending any of the aforesaid programs belong to the plumbing industry only.
    • The Monitoring Inspector keeps a check on the quality of training, infrastructure of training centre, food provided and basic amenities.
  • Virtual Monitoring
    • Although NSDC has directed to keep a check on ongoing programs through video calling few days ago, we at WMPSC have been carrying out this practice of inspection via voice calling, video calling from the last one and a half years.
    • Our monitoring cell, without revealing their identities to the candidates, makes sure that the candidates are genuine and are from plumbing sector by calling every candidate personally.
    • Video calls at the aforesaid ongoing programs are made to check the attendance of the program, ensure smooth functioning and preparations at the training centre.
  • Intervention

    • There has been a great impact of our monitoring practice as it has almost put a full-stop on all the unethical practices.
    • The candidates attending any of the above-mentioned programs are now tend be genuine and from plumbing industry only.
    • As a result of our robust monitoring there is no scope for the Training Partner to compromise with the quality of training, infrastructure of the center and other amenities.

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