Philanthropic Work

Philanthropic Work

WMPSC has always stood up to the expectations of the nation and has time to time extended its support in the times when things were not good. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve done in the past. We ain’t bragging about this, our intention is to motivate others as well by showcasing what we’ve done.

The Water Management and Plumbing Skill Council is diligently dedicated to the cause of water conservation. The tireless efforts are manifested through the development and delivery of comprehensive water conservation and water management related programs. Moreover, WMPSC has embarked on a mission to raise awareness among the youth of India by launching innovative programs such as "Main Bhi Jaal Rakshak" (I'm a Water Guardian).

This visionary initiative is designed to educate and empower the young minds of India on the critical importance of water conservation. Through "Main Bhi Jaal Rakshak," the council seeks to instill a deep sense of responsibility and understanding of how to effectively save and manage water resources. It goes beyond the conventional classroom setting, aiming to inspire a generation of water guardians who are not only aware of the challenges facing our water ecosystems but also equipped with practical skills to address them.

By fostering a culture of water stewardship and sustainability among the youth, the Water Management and Plumbing Skill Council is not only building a more environmentally conscious generation but also contributing significantly to the long-term preservation of India's precious water resources. Their tireless day-and-night efforts exemplify their unwavering commitment to securing a water-secure future for the nation.

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