Rozgar Mela / Job Fair

Rozgar Mela / Job Fair

A Rozgar Mela is an event where a number of employers and job seekers come together for the purpose of applying and interviewing for jobs. Defined more precisely, a Rozgar Mela is an employment strategy to fast-track the meeting of job seekers and employers.

Rozgar Melas are typically held in large assembly halls with a booth for each employer. At the front of each booth is a table that displays company brochures and information. Usually, several company representatives staff each booth, standing behind tables as they talk to job seekers. Some companies decorate their booths with banners and signs. Rozgar Melas range in size from 5 – 100 employers with many hundreds of job seekers. Even small Rozgar Melas can be busy events with lines of job seekers waiting to see company representatives.

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